DSC07066      Just LOOK at this handsome boy! We are proud to introduce Spirit—the newest member of the Bar Lazy J family. This past week, Chad drove to Texas to pick him up from our dear friend Randy Gray who has been a guest here at our ranch for years and years. He raised Spirit from a baby and now that his girls have grown up and no longer ride him as much as they did before, Randy, Kolbee and Baylee knew the perfect little spot for their beloved horse here in this little valley along the Colorado River. What a tremendous gift and we are so honored that they chose us as his forever home! We know it was no small decision! DSC07061DSC07063       He has specifically been given to Cheri to be a personal riding horse for her, so you can bet where she’ll be sitting in a few months when that leg is better! Until then, he’ll get time to settle into his new surroundings and enjoy the cooler summers here in Colorado—we are so happy to have him here at last and once again give a huge thanks to the Grays for sharing him with us. He will be well loved for the rest of his days!