Our staff is pretty stellar. We have to brag a little. So what better way to show them how much we appreciate them, than to throw them off the side of a mountain? Right? In our defense-- they asked for it……… DSC08830 I don’t know why they look so scared. They know we needed them for work in the morning….. So we harnessed them up, DSC08831DSC08827               DSC08844 And enrolled them in flight school! DSC08834 DSC08836 Then once we confirmed no one weighed more than a school bus (that’s the maximum weight the cable can hold), we let ‘em rip! I mean zip!! DSC08839 DSC08841  DSC08846 DSC08856 DSC08860 DSC08861 DSC08864 DSC08867 DSC08870 DSC08872 As you can see they are hardly even enjoying it….so we had to throw in an amazing sunset in to keep them happy. Do you know in one of John Denver’s song where he sings “I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky” ? Well, we can’t say for sure, but we’re convinced this is what he was referring to. When the sun sets behind a storm, the rain comes down in sheets of vibrant orange. These pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s breathtaking. DSC08881DSC08880         After the zip lining, Jerry and Cheri had everyone over. This time of year, a handful of our staff have to head back to school while the majority stay until the end, so we try to have one last group outing all together. We want to say how much we love all of them and appreciate their hard work and dedication to making the Bar Lazy J a cut above the rest. We couldn’t be who we are without them! So thank you to our 2012 staff! DSC08888 DSC08890 DSC08892  Your hard work shows! DSC08899 (And we mean that!)