The moisture when it falls… DSC09502DSC09508 But that there is always a sunny day right behind it. DSC09516 Our summer guests, but also our winter guests…. IMGP2357IMGP2359 We are thankful for the beauty that abounds here….                                                                    …even when no one is looking. DSC09399DSC09405 Good food to eat. (The hay-- not the animals. We’re talking about their good food!) DSC09668DSC09671DSC09669 For horses that are fat and happy… DSC09703DSC09741 And silly. DSC09695 And for our extended ranch family! DSC09780 DSC09786DSC09781 DSC09782DSC09791DSC09792DSC09793 But above all we are thankful to have such wonderful friends and call this place home. DSC09830 Oh—and for pie! Let’s not forget the pie! DSC09811 Hope your Thanksgiving was as happy as ours!