Life is rough out there. So here at the ranch, we want you to know that whatever your worries, ailments and woes—we do our best to keep you covered when we can. The therapy is just something we throw in along the way for free….. Feel like you’re stuck in the same routine? We can fix that….. IMGP3652 Didn’t get your fill of snow this past winter? We can fix that…… IMGP3609IMGP3610 Feelin’ a little too warm out? We can fix that……. IMGP3622IMGP3616IMGP3625IMGP3615 Fingerprints on your camera lens need cleaning? We can fix that……(INCOMING!!) IMGP3619        Can’t find the right way to tell someone how much you love them?   We can fix that…. IMGP3624 Needing some wide open spaces, good friends and a mountain to conquer? We can fix that…..IMGP3626 Didn’t bring your toothpick for out on the trail after lunch? Our cowboys will hand carve ya one!IMGP3646 Dreading rush hour traffic? You won’t dread ours! IMG_6737 Need some home improvements? We’ll send in the big guns! IMG_6741 Need to build some bridges and find a new path? We can fix that…… IMG_6712IMG_6720IMG_6699IMG_6724 (Click on the picture to see the new bridge site for the Breakfast Ride!) IMG_6729       Wind blow down a tree that fell on your petting farm pen and released four donkeys, two goats, one miniature horse and one podonkey (yes, it’s a thing)who went all different directions straight up the road?? It’ll take a while. And a lot running. Back and forth. Waving your arms. Much to the delight of your guests. But believe it or not….                                                                                    ………...WE CAN FIX THAT!! IMG_6782IMG_6780 And last but not least. Do your kids keep begging you for a pet to love? Well, we can’t FIX that per say…… IMG_6651 ….but we can sure put a band aid on it while you’re here. XOXO, The Bar Lazy J