Our views around here are pretty spectacular, but there’s one thing that can take any scene and make it even more extraordinary. And that? Is seeing it through the ears of your favorite horse….home, sweet home—Parshall, CO. IMG_8018 wire[6]         And what a home it is for some very lucky pooches! Our guests always tell us, they want to “come back in their next lives” as a ranch dog—and we gotta admit, it would be tough to do much better. A backyard that goes for miles, hours of trails to discover every day, all the ground squirrels you can chase, dozens of guests who rush to give you belly rubs, delicious cookout leftovers, the Colorado River for a water bowl….yep. It’s the doggie lottery winners around here. Even a one-eyed dog can see that! IMG_8647 One of our talented guests makes a sketch of Remi. We think he actually posed for this….(Paparazzi is everywhere I tell ya!) IMG_8429IMG_9710         Bear continues to settle into his new life here at the ranch. It’s obvious he’s finally figured out how good he has it! It took a few lessons from the other ranch dogs to learn all the ropes—like running up in front of a ride to catch a few minutes of rest and shade, entering the river downstream of the horses, and where to sit at the breakfast site in order to increase your chances of catching an accidental dropped piece of Eddie’s famous bacon!IMG_8570 wire[6] A beautiful day for one of Jerry’s High Country rides! IMG_8538 And when we say high…. IMG_8629 We mean Rocky Mountain high! IMG_8589 Lunch break! IMG_8618IMG_8617IMG_8621 Then back on the trail…. or in this case—there was NO trail. IMG_8513IMG_8573 We need “I survived Grouse Mountain” t-shirts! What a day of adventure and fantastic friends! IMG_8634 wire[6] Fly-fishermen making the most of the last light of the day… IMG_8455 And our fly-fisherwomen sometimes show those boys how it’s done!  Cynthia Llewellyn of Aledo, Texas catches yet another nice Brown Trout from the Colorado River right outside her cabin! She was on a roll this week! photo wire[6] We gotta brag a bit. Our wranglers do it all. Drive teams…   941713_10152879668110571_1166556508_n Find some really big ground squirrels…9889_4829278011471_1175620964_n (1) Problem solve….. 961881_892832928937_1646111817_n Potty train…..945957_10100555894200801_94352935_n Teach with love and patience…. 1074076_10200238944597932_803716434_o Thwart off bad guys…. 992937_10153027809285571_784502039_n Make posters like these for guests who are missing their horses… walker They retrieve lost hats off of sheer cliff sides…. IMG_8901 Make great vet assistants… 6587_10100505098575641_434436619_n and strategically tuck their guests into rock faces to keep them dry... IMG_8885 What else can we say except…. 999319_646492695378485_2040839892_n They are the absolute BEST!! wire[6] We’re fired up about line dancing! Guests and staff have been packin’ the house and kickin’ up dust and heels! IMG_8685IMG_8722 Best boot stompin’ in the Rockies! IMG_8717IMG_8710IMG_8699IMG_8689IMG_8695 wire[6]         The summer is flying by and it’s hard to believe July is at an end. We’ve been having so much fun, we literally forget there are just a few more family weeks left. We still have a bit of availability left some weeks if you need a last minute get away. Your horse, your swing by the river, your cozy cabin, your seat at our dinner table, your waders, your spot at the campfire—they’re all waiting for YOU!IMG_8363 There’s no one else we’d rather share it with!