We aim to please. We aim to offer a unique experience and cherished memories to take with you. We aim to exceed your expectations.  And while you’re here? We’ll help YOU work on your aim as well. (Or just put it to good use at least.) 012034 047052054067 Pretty impressive for their first time, huh? 086 And check out our trap shooters! 239104108109112 Nothing but pieces! 113118125131134139166169179183204218232234 But you’ve REALLY got to strategize your aim when it comes to a multi-family competition of Newcomb. 626630635640657665 (It gets pretty serious y’all.) 683 But then you can aim those toes down into the pool for a refresher! 314301      So uhh….you might need to watch your aim with the headdress though. You may end up in a tree. (This chief will need to be  supervised with his arrows…. Oh no wait. That’s Logan. He’s a pro with those arrows! Just supervised with the headdress then…) 069072 A few more photos from the week! What a GREAT GROUP of TEENS we had! 076081 032037044056061042079080094104114015019026042 Now if only the ranch dogs could find someone to love them… 115125126127122      Mark’s lovely mother came to visit for the week—such a treat to have her here! It’s always a pleasure for us to meet the wonderful people who helped shape the wonderful people on our staff. (Must be contagious.) So grateful! 132143 Horses on the bridge! 214 305426447617011493 And check out THESE riding boots! In true cowgirl style—functional AND fashionable. (We love it.) 496 129 098251 524527 237 248688 147148150146 Gold panning! 183188194 Boat races! 198200212 Of course if you make it to staff show, our aim is just to make you laugh! (With little to no thought for our own pride.) 250 253254257265268272277284 Laugh. A. LOT. 288290299      And have you ever tried to steer a cow? How about multiple cows? Now HERE’S an activity that requires some AIM (and patience…and problem solving…and a sense of humor.) 542553569 582593 Hmmm….but APPARENTLY we need to work on our aim with that “branding iron”! 608621622624 Easy belly button target! 681      Right now we’d like to extend a special thanks to the lovely Suzanne who shared some of her great shooting skills with us this week as well—photo shooting to be exact! 027 And her quick pictures caught some of our great aim on Saturday!! (p.s. Our Wild West Showdown often ends with water buckets.) 10551579_10204174321615356_6664684428578886780_o (Empty water buckets.) 10499624_10204174323615406_6808063479001260302_o10271427_10204174320695333_8770803769739899169_o Not to mention empty water guns… 10363474_10204174319495303_170798618686221821_o10497147_10204174314015166_1484172739080163694_o10548157_10204174311135094_546854426563876469_o Oh! One of our favorite lunch spots! 1801234_10204174310375075_7895117829315250185_o10275396_10204174303774910_7785554779382230559_o10557636_10204174283614406_5274762518924089508_o And she caught a little “road rage” on the interstate as well. Look out! 10468018_10204174329255547_1345491380899326023_o       But folks, that’s what happens when our ranch bell rings and Chef Eddie’s cooking is waiting in the dining room or on the river porch. 697 Around her we ride, 149 Mosey, 292 Scramble-- (No pushing!), 545 And even roll our way, 703 To THIS guy’s cooking! 693 Just follow the arrow. And just to be sure your mark is on the spot... 263 Aim high!