The time between the end of the season and the end of year tends to be a rush of various projects and lots of visitors to the ranch. We love being able to get so much done and visit with folks we don’t get to typically see during the season.  And this year was no exception. The first of those visitors were some good friends who brought a beautiful crew with them. Jason Ledlie worked for us the summer of 2003 as a wrangler and primarily worked with the kids program. Now he’s really a kid wrangler along with his wife with 5 of their own! Raising and showing Andalusian horses near Austin, Texas, their lives keep them pretty busy, so we were so happy they could come up and show the kids the ranch. LOTS of memories in this valley and many new ones made this Fall! 0663 0133      Chad and Jason worked the same first year together on the ranch. A lot has changed in 11 years, but seeing these two on horseback again together, seemed like no time had passed at all. 0253      For the most part, this past Fall lasted MUCH longer than usual. This area typically cools down by October and the snow is on the ground by Halloween. But it was no such scenario this year. The horses were able to graze much longer in the pastures than usual and that makes us and them quite happy. 073[3]076[3]088[3]      Now that’s not to say we didn’t get any MOISTURE. Just that it wasn’t cold enough to be snow.  And wouldn’t ya know, that as SOON as you start one of those major projects…. 115[7]      You  probably have heard by now we put up a new building over by the dry lot and most of October was dedicated to get it up and insulated. We had no idea when the weather would move in, but we had big plans for this building and needed it plumbed and wired for electricity before the ground froze and the snow set in. 117[3] 124[3] 002128     But all work and no play isn’t how we do things around here. So amongst getting things in order on the ranch, you can bet we weren’t going to miss the grand reopening of Parshall’s beloved Parshall Inn! Much to the sadness of many of our guests, the PI was closed this past summer for renovations, so we had to share a few photos just to show you it’s back up and running!  We look forward to sharing many a laugh with our extended ranch family here in 2015! 059 010020 (Darn that ‘No Horses in the Saloon’ rule….) 024      Ok back to business! Ummmm….what’s THAT?? Well if you’ve been following our Facebook page (we hope you are), then you’d know that THAT is our fodder system! But if you have NO idea what we’re talking about—we promise to fill you in. For now, know that it took a LOT of careful maneuvering to get that new very expensive machine through a very small opening in our new very expensive building….(but we did it.) 097 106114134136146 And it wasn’t stressful. At ALL…. 152164      A quick check the insides are all in order and then a high five to the lift operator for “so-far-so-good” operating. 169 But theeeeeeeen came the hard part…. 178183191193198202      But we got her done! Well except for the roof. And the door. And insulation… But we were getting there! 214      We put a pause on the work to once again have a bit of fun and perhaps enjoy a trick or two along with our treats…. 254      Now HOW in the WORLD that got there we’ll never know…. (but we thought it HILARIOUS and good fun that our dear friends, the Foshas, left it up for weeks. We just love them and LOVE to pull pranks on one another every now and then. Guess our turn is coming!) 054      But JUST when we wondered if any snow was ever going to come…(not sure WHY we do that)…. 111-001[3]034-001[3]003[3]018-001[3]036[3]040-001[3]      But the horses were loving it! The first snow always seems to make them giddy like children during the first snowfall. There was lots of running, rolling, and playfully picking on one another! (Did we mention they are sometimes like kids??) 044-001[3]055[3]057-001[3]080-001[3]120[3]164-001[3]      And we have to admit the ranch looks absolutely stunning under a blanket of snow. 047068 River is looking a BIT colder than usual however… 086 But what REALLY brightens up the colors around here? Is our beautiful herd. 040-002047-006122136      (Now don’t start thinkin’ those noses are snow-covered from the frosty air. It’s not that cold yet. It is, instead, because of the grass-flavored snow cones they are enjoying –sooooo GOOD!) 120 So here’s a little something to leave you with a smile before we head back to work: 124-001 Next up: Fodder in the mountains!! Prepare to be amazed! (You’re gonna LOVE this.)