As we look forward to our 2020 season, none of us could ever have predicted the changes that have taken place throughout the country over the past 5 months. Like all of you, we have been affected by those changes, but being Colorado's oldest continuously operating guest ranch means we've got 108 years of experience at riding out rocky trails and rough years. Rather than close our doors to families and individuals who have long anticipated their stay with us--escalated by the stress and unknowns of the past couple of months--it was a communal decision to make the harder effort to do whatever was necessary by state and local regulations to still give that opportunity to our guests who were still able to join us. We know, however, that economic factors, travel and being higher risk changes the game for some of our guests and that's why we've relaxed our cancellation policy to allow families to make those decisions that were right for them. Your health and safety is our highest priority. But for those still able to come, we've been working diligently to adapt our program to comply with necessary guidelines as they've changed and we will continue to do so. For updated information, we'll refresh this page once a week with new details as we receive them. New information will be added in bold, black lettering.

**We ask that in the weeks prior to your stay with us, those traveling here practice as many safe measures as possible to decrease the risk of bringing any illness to the ranch. Those include social distancing, mask-wearing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing when coming in contact with others. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have had any exposure to someone with Covid symptoms, please contact us and we will happily help you reschedule a future stay with us or completely refund your deposit.

Our numbers are already fewer for many weeks, reducing the possibility of exposure. In addition, at this time, the following changes will be in place, in line with specific CDC and local public health guidelines:

1) Upon arrival, all guests will need to fill out a health form, signing and indicating they are free from any Covid-19 related symptoms and have had no known exposure to any confirmed cases in the last 14 days. An infrared temperature will be taken for each guest.

2) Dining room seating will be spaced and both the dining room and River porch seating areas will be open for families and individuals to utilize more room if desired.

3) Allow us to serve you! We will not be offering regular buffets and self serve items will be limited, but we'll make up for it by serving you instead. All meals will be plated and continental breakfast items will be ordered and provided personally to you. Don't worry--cookies will still be available 24/7 in individual sleeves so you can get your ranch sweet fix after your ride!

4) Face masks for our guests will not be required, but you're welcome to bring one if you desire. Our staff will be wearing them when they need to be in closer contact with you in order to limit your exposure to them. When transporting guests, all guests will be required to wear face masks, if able to, for their short drive. We will provide fresh masks for those who do not have their own.

5) Hand sanitizer will be available in all common areas and our staff will be wiping surfaces every two hours to help minimize germs.

6) Due to distancing requirements and restrictions on numbers in a gathering, some activities will be limited to smaller groups or family groups. Zip-line and trap shooting will still be available. Activities such as line dancing and staff show are temporary postponed until regulations allow us to have folks closer together. An outdoor game night and archery/axe throwing evening have been added to replace other indoor activities.

7) Hot tub use will be limited to groups of 4 and only to families or groups that are together. Pool use will be limited to a max of 25 in the pool area and a wider utilization of space around the pool.

8) To limit entry into your cabin, the CDC has ordered that no daily housekeeping or nightly turndown service is allowed. Weekly turnover cleaning will be more detailed and housekeepers will refill and replenish cabin needs by request and deliver them to your porch.

9) It is suggested by health professionals that children ages 3 and up wear masks if in close proximity to others outside of their group/family, but that is your choice. Our kids' program will be focusing on activities where they can spread out and enjoy the fresh air during their stay and use of common equipment will be cleaned daily. Counselors will encourage lots of hand washing!

10) Some rides and activities may be staged at different times to minimize waiting and provide everyone ample space. At this time, the rafting company is opening June 1st. Families will be able to raft within their family groups. Smaller groups will be assigned rafts with others outside of their group. Masks are not encouraged on the rafting portion of the trip due to safety in case someone were to fall out of the raft. However, they can be worn for the transportation to the rafting site. Rafting will be offered as a half day excursion Thursday and Saturday. There will both a morning and afternoon half day option. Guests will need to provide transportation to and from the rafting company. If you are arriving to the ranch by train or shuttle, we can discuss transportation for Thursday rafting only. **Due to low water levels, rafting will only be available through Sept. 5th for this year.**

11) Colorado has mandated a mandatory mask rule in Public Places. As you travel to Colorado, expect to have that enforced in all indoor spaces as you make your way to the ranch. Because we are a private entity, we are not required to wear masks in outdoor areas and our only indoor activity is meal times, where masks are not required. However, you are welcome to bring and wear a mask on ranch as you feel comfortable.

12) If you plan on driving through Rocky Mountain National Park on your way in or out, due to restrictions on numbers in the park, entry to the park is timed and you must have a reservation to enter the park between 6am and 5pm. They do fill up, so we recommend holding a spot as soon as you know your estimated time.For reservations, please visit

As you can see, we've been working thoughtfully with our committed staff to create a safer environment for our guests. Although no situation is risk free, we're doing what it takes to comply with safe practices and still offer the service and experience we're known for. Closing our doors for the summer was an easier option, but easier isn't always better. If you've shared a stay with us, you know that flexibility is what we are all about.  We'll do whatever it takes to provide a positive experience for our guests that we love like family. We know some of these changes are big and some are small, but you can be assured we'll be making every effort to make your ranch vacation one you'll treasure the rest of the year. New activities like a painting class, old west photos, axe throwing, and adult archery are all new additions to our summer activities in place of others we've needed to postpone. No effort is too great for our valued ranch guest family!

Please call or email us with any specific questions or concerns you may have. We're a quick call or email away! While we may not have all the answers at this time, we'll make it our priority to do our best to get them. Hope to see you on the trail soon!

The Bar Lazy J Team