Gift Shop

Ma and Pa's Gift Shop is the perfect place to pick up a thank you gift for the dog-sitter, a souvenir for folks who couldn't join you, and mementoes of your fantastic stay! In addition to great gifts, you'll also find an assortment of items you may have forgotten to bring. These include chap stick, sunscreen, bug repellent, hats, and extra top layers to name a few. If there's ever something you need from town, just let our Guest Services Coordinator know and she'll be happy to pick up anything on your behalf. We're always looking for ways to add to your dude ranch experience!


Beverages of your choice are welcome during your stay here at the Bar Lazy J. Our High Lonesome Liquor Post sells craft and domestic beers, wine and canned cocktails. Stop by and grab a cold beverage after your ride! Monday night, a cocktail party--offering beer, wine, liquor, mixed drink options and sodas for non-drinkers-- is provided Monday evening before our steak cookout. The rest of the week, please feel free to bring your own favorites to any of our appetizer parties, meals or evening entertainment. Mini fridges and daily ice delivery for every cabin are provided.


Smoking is permitted only outside of the ranch's cabins and buildings, including the screened porches. There are a reasonable number of receptacles provided to dispose of cigarettes throughout the ranch property. Due to dry conditions at our higher altitude, at no time is smoking permissible in the barn area or out on trails.

Please be advised that the use of recreational marijuana is not allowed anywhere on Bar Lazy J property at any time.

Pet Policy

There are a number of friendly ranch dogs at Bar Lazy J ready to welcome you and who are accustomed to the ranch setting, horses and attention from our guests. Due to so many variables, we do not allow outside pets on to the ranch grounds for both their protection and for the peace enjoyed by our other guests. We're, however, happy to help you set up local boarding if you prefer to bring them and keep them close by.

Rocky Mountain Trip Tips

Whether it's your first time at a dude guest ranch or you are a returning guest, being prepared is key.  At higher altitudes, the sunrays are not filtered as well by the atmosphere. The results are cooler temperatures combined with increased light intensity. We want you to make the most of your time here at Bar Lazy J, so please ask any questions you may have and you can also review our Recommended Packing List for suggested items to bring.

A few easy steps will help you and your family enjoy your dude ranch vacation to the fullest!

  • High Altitude
    Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch sits at 7,500 feet. Although settled in a river valley, we still take high altitude into consideration for our guests. Days are comfortable with lots of sun and the evenings can be cool. Water bottles are provided on your first evening with us and we suggest lots of water to counter any effects your body may feel from the thinner, dry air. While most of our guests experience no visible signs of "altitude sickness", it's possible for someone of any age to develop a bit of fatigue and nausea. Be sure to take things at your own pace and hydrate more than you normally would. We'll be reminding you! Most people experiencing symptoms, find that they pass with increased fluids and restricting activity for a bit. Get plenty of sleep after your busy days and don’t be afraid to take the afternoon off to enjoy a nap if you're feeling tired. The river offers the perfect lullaby.
  • Sun Protection
    Sunny days with a refreshing breeze sometimes make it difficult to discern when you're getting too much sun. Since the sun's rays aren't filtered as well as they are at lower altitudes, you may find your skin more sensitive to burning here in the mountains. Long sleeved, light-weight shirts are appropriate at any time and all guests are encouraged to wear sunscreen and hats to protect their neck and faces on rides. Cowboy hats of all sizes are available in our gift shop in addition to Bar Lazy J ball caps and sunscreen if you forgot or run out. Quick changes in wind mean you'll be asked to wear a stampede string on all cowboy hats to prevent losing them and scaring another horse out on the trail. You can find these in our gift shop for purchase as well if you don't already own some.