Hello friends! We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bar Lazy J! Please take a moment to complete the following information for your party so we can get things in order for you here. This information is required for EACH individual/couple/or family joining us. We're excited to see you soon!

Pre-Arrival Guest Information
Our chef's work very hard to accommodate allergies and special dietary needs of our guests. They are happy to prepare special dishes to accommodate your needs if you are planning on following your dietary restrictions while on vacation.
This information will be kept confidential, but due to current health concerns, this section is very important and will allow us to best help you in case of an emergency.
This information is needed in order to assign you a horse for the week. If you are not intending to ride, please just include name and write "non-rider".
Please list the name of guest and the horse requested, or if you prefer to try someone new.